7 Reasons to Use Teleseminars

If you’re not completely satisfied with the marketing of your business here’s 7 great reasons why you should add teleseminars to your marketing strategy.

Reason 1 One to many marketing:

This is a better, faster, easier way to get more customers with less effort. With typical networking you might give your talk about your business to 1 or maybe 2 people at a time. To close 1 sale would be a 50% to 100% closing rate. With teleseminars even if you get a modest turnout of say 25 people to get 1 sale would be a closing rate of 4%. Which sounds easier to you, a 50% to 100% closing rate, or 4%. I rest my case. That 4% is if you only have a modest turnout on your teleseminar. What if I could teach you how to increase the number of signees to your teleseminars to 100 people, 200 people, or more. This is the power of marketing your business using teleseminars.

Reason 2 Expand your customer base to global vs. local:

With networking events or seminars you are restricted in the customer base available to you. Yes you can travel outside of your local area but that can get expensive with the cost of airfare, hotels, restaurants, and rental cars. Another tremendous benefit of marketing your business with teleseminars is you can have people on the call from not only your area but from anywhere on the globe. Just think about how that can exponentially increase your customer base.

Reason 3 The cost:

You would be surprised how inexpensive it is to put on a teleseminar. There are many free or extremely affordable conference call companies out there that you can use. Some of them allow you to record your teleseminar and download it to an mp3 file for free as well which as we will discuss further in this article is a huge benefit to growing & monetizing your business.

The promotion of the teleseminar including monthly subscription to an autoresponder/ list building software and the cost of programming the webpages of the promotion is another expense but that can be kept low as well. If you do the promotion through my company

Net Worthy Media you will save the cost of the monthly autoresponder / list building software subscription and I have my programmer code your promotion for a very affordable price. For the chance to add many new clients through 1 teleseminar it’s incredibly inexpensive.

Reason 4 There are multiple ways to monetize your business:

Now let’s get to the most important benefit of marketing your business with teleseminars. Here are some ways to quickly and easily increase your bottom line with teleseminars:

• You can charge a fee for attending the teleseminar. I definitely do recommend you offer some free calls starting out to show people what you have to offer but even the free teleseminars can lead to greater monetization down the road by increasing your following. Sacrificing short term profit for long term wealth is a very smart strategy.

• Do a good job of promoting yourself during the teleseminar and people will sign up for your services. I can interview you and make sure the right mix of providing excellent content while promoting your services is achieved.
• You can do what’s call re-purposing your content. If you record your teleseminar it becomes another product that you can sell for a fee or even use as a bonus down the road in a future promotion to entice people to opt-in.

Build a Successful Online Business Hosting Teleseminars

While looking for other avenues to gain more visibility for my business, I conducted research and discovered teleseminars yield the greatest return on investment. I will explain why and how you can capitalize on this income generating opportunity.

The reason hosting teleseminars yield the greatest return on investment is because the barriers to entry is minimal. There are two things you need as a minimum, they are a land line telephone and a teleconference bridge line.

The only expense with the phone is long distance calling fees, one can make use of several free teleconference bridge line services. As you can see minimal cost is involved in hosting teleseminars.

The next key attribute involved in hosting teleseminars is to know your target market. Knowing your target market saves you a ton of expenses because you will not be randomly promoting and marketing your teleseminar to your prospective buying customers.

Having systems in place make a tremendous difference in whether you achieve success or failure as a teleseminar host. By systems I am referring to a website with a landing page so members of your target market can read the list of benefits your teleseminar offers and they can register for your session.

A question asked by newbies is, how long should the teleseminar session last? Typically, 60-90 minutes is the duration of teleseminars.

Can teleseminar sessions be longer? Absolutely and the decision as to the duration of a tteleseminar session depends upon how in-depth the session is going to be for your clients.

Systems also include teleseminar host designing a short survey to find out what registrants want to receive and would like to learn during their session. Surveys also position host for follow on sessions designed specifically from the survey responses their target market provided.

Incorporate social media into promoting and marketing teleseminar sessions. Relying solely on social media for your marketing will not work because everyone is not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites.

Systems also include joint venturing and collaborating with other teleseminar host in order to reach a larger market. Time is also a critical factor when it comes to hosting teleseminar sessions.

Teleseminar host need a minimum of six weeks to effectively market and promote their session. People need an opportunity to register and schedule teleseminar sessions and then be sold on the value they will receive by listening.

Free or fee based teleseminars? I recommend free sessions for newbies to hosting teleseminars, fee based after gaining valuable experience.

Successfully hosting teleseminars is also important, one has to not only market and promote a teleseminar but also educate registrants about when and where to call. Problems such as dropped phone calls, problem bridge lines and power shortages are but a few problems that may arise.

Perhaps the most impactful problem a teleseminar host may experience is failing to record the teleseninar session and or bridge line equipment might go on the blink. The recorded session is the true gold for teleseminar sesssions because one can obtain transcripts, make a compact disc, e-book or publish a book from several recorded sessions.

Make Money Online (and Off) With Teleseminars

Teleseminars are a low-cost marketing way to make money online (and off). You can get recognition as an expert, attract more clients, and build your business with Teleseminars. You will read about 1) my own experience as a “techno-phobe” with Teleseminars, 2) the benefits of doing them, and 3) I’ll guide you through your first Teleseminar. Let’s get started.

Teleseminars are a great low-cost marketing tool

You can do them from your home and cut down on your travel and hotel costs. You have total promotional and marketing control. You can receive passive income for your terrific products.

You can build your email-marketing list so that you have a large list of people to invite to your live events.

You can bounce ideas off your customers and get their reaction to see what kind of interest there is in your product, and you can test your products before they go public.

You can provide information to your network quickly, discuss an issue, and conduct market research.

An easy way to create a product is with your recorded Teleseminar. You can literally give a Teleseminar today and start selling the finished product tomorrow.

People get to know you and you begin to build trust and rapport with them. This is the first step towards a sale.

It is inexpensive. You can do them free to start. Don’t invest in a lot of fancy equipment. Build your client list, and get comfortable doing Teleseminars.

My Teleseminar Experience

My own experience with Teleseminars these the past two years was rough and bumpy. Looking back it is my own fault that I did not move faster. I had techno-phobia. I did not know what to do or how to do it. So my first Teleseminar two years ago was with a friend that set up the Teleseminar. I just dialed into the number she gave me, we invited our clients to dial in, and we had an educational and fun hour teaching them how to write a book.

After a few Teleseminars we got busy and stopped doing them. That was a mistake. Teleseminars are one way to build your list and show that you are an expert in your field. Also you have some recordings that you can offer fr-ee to your list, or package and sell them if they will be helpful and educational to your clients.

I procrastinated for months even though friends told me it was really easy to do. Finally, my own daughter was doing them and she gave me the Web site address of the service she was using. And it was fr-ee! I was still nervous about it, but I knew I had my daughter to answer my questions if I needed her.

I am embarrassed to say IT WAS EASY! The hardest part for me had nothing to do with the Teleseminars. There is something you have to do BEFORE you give your Teleseminar: INVITE PEOPLE. Yes, you need a list of people and a way to send them your announcement of your program. So here are the basics to help you get going with your own Teleseminars.

Teleseminar Leaked – Leaked Secrets of Teleseminar Gurus

What if you discovered some creative ways that you can use starting today to make huge money and expand your internet business using the power of teleseminar? This will make sure that you see ridiculous income starting today and boost your credibility in your niche right off the charts. The purpose of this article is to make sure that you make big money on the internet using the power of teleseminar. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started on the right track to setup a successful teleseminar starting today.

Step 1 – Setup a sales pitch teleseminar.

Step 2 – Setup a question and answer teleseminar.

Step 3 – Here’s how to setup a teleseminar to build your new list.

Step 4 – Boost your list responsiveness through teleseminar.

Step 5 – Sell a high ticket coaching or online classes through your teleseminar.

The purpose of this article is to show you exactly how you can use the power of teleseminar to boost your internet business profits to the next level. Here are step by step details to get you started.

Step 1 – Setup a sales pitch teleseminar.

You can setup a teleseminar solely to sell one of your products and you can setup a FAQ section in this teleseminar. You can even organize someone to interview for your product and ask you various questions on your product; this will boost the publicity of your product. Make sure that you setup a teleseminar that is solely focused to answer most pressing questions of your niche.

Step 2 – Setup a question and answer teleseminar.

You can ask your subscribers their most pressing questions in your niche. Now all you need to do is setup a teleseminar and answer questions of your subscribers and this will boost its responsiveness. You can use the power of teleseminar to build your list right through the roof.

Step 3 – Here’s how to setup a teleseminar to build your new list.

As you have setup your new site you will need to build a responsiveness list to sell your product. You can setup a squeeze page and ask your visitors to subscribe to get entry to your teleseminar for free and this will build your list at a rapid pace. How is it possible to boost the responsiveness and open rates of your email through teleseminar?

Step 4 – Boost your list responsiveness through teleseminar.

If you organize teleseminar for your list on a regular basis they will start respecting you for the quality content that you share with them. They will also consider you as an expert in your niche because you are focused in helping your subscribers by taking pain to organize a teleseminar to help them on a regular basis. What if you learned that teleseminars are the most powerful tools to sell high ticket products on the internet almost instantly?

How to Do Great Teleseminars – 5 Teleseminar Mistakes to Avoid

If you’ve listened to lots of teleseminars you’ll notice that there can be a marked difference in the quality of teleseminars. There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it come to hosting teleseminars.

So here are 5 teleseminar mistakes to avoid if you want to host a great teleseminar:

  1. Using a cordless or mobile phone

The sound quality using a cordless or mobile phone is often poor and unreliable. Sound can fade in and out and there is often static on the line. You want a clear, crisp sound so that those listening to your teleseminar live can hear every word and so you can create a high quality recording.

However, there are times when you a mobile phone may be the only option for you or your guest. If this is the case, apologise to your audience know in advance and let them know that the sound quality may be affected. Your audience will be more understanding as a result.

  1. Not starting on time

If you don’t start promptly you will come across as unprofessional and disorganised. It will give participants an excuse to call in late and some callers may drop off the line before your event begins. Ensure that you call in early, about 10-15 minutes ahead of the official start time. You can stay muted while you do your final checks.

Also, sometimes you can experience difficulty in connecting to your bridge line and if you experience any such problems calling in early will normally give you sufficient time to resolve any such issues.

  1. Staring with Content

While you should start your teleseminar on time, avoid the temptation to dive straight into content. Hosting a teleseminar can be likened to hosting a dinner party. Give your guests time for a little chit chat and introductions so that they to get to know each other and build rapport before serving the main course.

Teleseminars can offer participants the opportunity to self-promote as some hosts will encourage attendees to introduce themselves by saying their name, location and URL. For large teleseminars this can result in exposure to hundreds of potential Joint Venture (JV) partners and or clients and so is much appreciated by those prepared to take advantage of this.

Plus some of your guests are likely to turn up late – it’s the nature of the game. Some guests may simply have difficulty in connecting to the bridgeline. So it’s a good idea to allow time for latecomers to arrive. In this way your content will reach the widest possible audience and those who arrive early get the opportunity for a little self-promotion.